About Me


So I've been told that I make an amazing chilli sauce and that I should write a blog...how those two things correlate I don't know. If you figure it out mail me. 

It did give me food for thought mind. So here I am. A self-diagnosed multi-potentialite (google it - seriously interesting), mother of two who loves to cook, sometimes clean, revamper of furniture, part-time budgeter whilst trying to live fabulously (not always succeeding). 

Currently exploring whether I'm the next Charlie Dimmock..

turns out I can tell already this is definitely NOT the case - I once heard a rumour that god loves a trier πŸ˜‰


As a family, we're not poor, nor are we swimming in MoΓ«t baths. I'm not an eco-activist, polluter, extreme couponer or a judgementalist. I like to live in a (semi) conscious way and be an example to my two kids of what it is to be a decent human being. 

I fail on all fronts from time-to-time. I hope anything I post on here from here on out will somehow show this.